A premier, full service, 6300 SqFt CrossFit facility located in Dewitt, MI. Our community is focused in not only achieving fitness and health goals, but doing so in a fun, effective and safe manner! We welcome all body types and fitness levels! Whether you are a beginner to the fitness word, or a seasoned athlete we will be happy to have you! Contact us with any questions and we will get back with you!

Programs Offered

-CrossFit Group Classes

-Foundations Classes (Coming Soon)


I've been a member at Lake State for year and a half. I remember being really nervous to start because CrossFit seemed complex and like you needed to be really fit to do it. I had just had two babies in two years so I was super out of shape! My husband started at Lake State before me and encouraged me to go for months. I finally got the courage to go and I'm so glad I did! Everyone at Lake State was so nice and welcoming and made me feel right at home. I quickly learned that CrossFit is for everyone, no matter your skill level! Every workout can be scaled to fit what you are comfortable with doing, and the coaches are always really helpful in helping you figure out how you want to scale the workout. I also love the community at Lake State! Everyone is so friendly and encouraging during the workouts. The coaches are great too! They explain all the movements really well before the workout starts and if you ever need help with anything they are always there.

-Bridget T.

I joined the amazing Lake State CrossFit six years ago.  In that time, not only have I became stronger and am in the best shape of my life, but even better is I have also met the most amazing friends.  The owners, coaches, members, and community as a whole are unmatched.   In our high stress lives, it is my hour a day where I can show up, be told what to do, and get an amazing workout among even more amazing people.  SO lucky to be part the Lake State Family! 

-Jill M.

I’ve been a member at Lake State for over two years now. I joined right after moving back to the Lansing area and never looked back. When I joined the gym I hadn’t been doing CrossFit very long and couldn’t do a lot of the movements. The progress I’ve made in that time has become an addiction and it’s what keeps me motivated to keep coming. The community is also incredible. My favorite thing about the gym is that we have people from all different walks of life, many of whom don’t have a lot in common but find a common ground in working out together. Differences don’t matter when the workout starts, everybody is on one team working towards the same goal. The owners Kara and Mackenzie are both very knowledgeable and have a true passion for helping people get better. This is not a gym that’s just for hardcore CrossFitters, any skill level will fit in here. Even my wife is addicted now and my kids can’t wait to start. Great gym! 

-Ryan T.

Lake State has become the "tribe" I never knew I needed.  The community of people here, along with outstanding coaching, has led to a physical, emotional, and even spiritual transformation in my life.  Yes, I can measure this with the weight lost (60 - 70 pounds), the muscle gained (15 pounds), the medications I have eliminated from my life (4), and so on.  But the way I measure my success is that the Lake State community has helped foster mini "miracles" in my life.  Things I always knew I would never be able to do.  The first time I touched the ceiling doing a rope climb.... that was a miracle to me.  My first pull up (and my second, third.....).  When my f*****g toes finally touched that damn bar - it was a miracle!!  I am a better father, husband and friend because of how this place has helped transform me.

-John A.

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