Coach Kara (owner)

Kara joined the CrossFit world in 2011 and began coaching in 2012. She holds a Level 1 and 2 certificate, in addition to a kettlebell certification and strength and conditioning certification. Kara’s favorite movements include the power clean, any WOD that features barbell work and running, and don’t even get her started on her love for Turkish get ups. Outside of the gym, she works for Peckham in Lansing and has been serving on the Board for Girls on the Run Mid-Michigan since 2013.

Coach Mackenzie (owner)

Mackenzie started CrossFit in 2014, joined Lake State in 2016 and began coaching in Jan. 2019. Currently, she holds a Level 1 certificate. Mackenzie is super passionate about the push press, push jerk, split jerk, dumbbell snatch, and basically any lift that requires mostly the upper body; however, don’t ask her how she feels about squats. Outside of the gym, Mackenzie loves her cat and meal prepping, and works for GreenStone Farm Credit Services.

Coach Bailey

Bio coming soon!

Coach Brad

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Coach Jake

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Coach Tyler

Tyler started his CrossFit journey three years ago. He obtained his Level 1 Certificate in May 2019 and started coaching around the same time. He enjoys all CrossFit movements, but prefers the "Big 3" of Bench Press, Deadlift, and Back Squat. His favorite part of being a CrossFit trainer is motivating people to achieve things they never thought possible. Outside of CrossFit, he is a journeyman machinist and enjoys doing anything outdoors.

Coach McKenna

McKenna has been with Lake State since she started CrossFit in 2014. She began coaching in 2018 and holds a Level 1 certificate. Her favorite movements include any Olympic lifts (or any barbell movements, really), but count her out for running! She holds a bachelor's degree in early childhood education and loves to help others learn new things and grow their abilities.

Coach Casey

Casey joined Lake State CrossFit in August 2019, but has been part of the CrossFit community since November 2016. She began shadowing/interning in January 2017 and received her Level 1 certificate three months later. After that, she began coaching on her own and running foundation classes. Her favorite lifts include the snatch and overhead squat. 

Coach Bob (owner)

Bob entered the CrossFit community in 2012 after some convincing from his wife.  Prior to that, Bob’s fitness background was in Taekwon-Do, where he earned a fourth degree black belt, is a certified instructor and a former international competitor. He graduated from Michigan State University in 2017 with a PhD in economics, and works as a research economist for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. He earned his CrossFit L1 certificate in November 2019.

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